Electronic Dental Claims Reduce Costs & Improve Claim Turnaround Time

We don’t see why you wouldn’t send your claims electronically!  However, according to the American Dental Association, “In 2008, 51 percent of all dental claims were submitted to dental benefits companies electronically and 49 percent of dental claims were submitted on a paper claim form. ”  Since 1989, DentalXChange has helped offices reduce overhead costs and speed up claims processing time by being the solution for sending electronic claims.  Sometimes, even we can’t believe how low our rates are in comparison to paper claims or other clearinghouses!

Benefits of Electronic Dental Claims

We like to make things easier for our dentists.  With reimbursements being low and operating costs skyrocketing, there is no better time than now to go electronic.  The average turnaround time for paper claims is estimated to be around 45 days while electronic claims are processed in 15 days or less on average.

Send Claims with the Click of a Button

We try to help those we meet understand just how much money we can save their practice if they send claims electronically.  Electronic claims help to virtually eliminate paper cost, stamp costs and reducing labor costs, we don’t see why you wouldn’t send your claims electronically!

We spoke to a doctor the other day whose office was using Easy Dental to print and mail his claims to insurance companies.   Having been practicing in the New York area for over 20 years, his practice was really busy and he had a strong patient base— he said that he saw 400 or so patients per month!  He wanted to reduce overhead costs due to the rising cost of dental care and business expenses.  He called in just to find out how much we charged per claim, and was pleasantly surprised.

His office was spending 44 cents per stamp, paying two employees to process claims, and buying paper by the caseload.  He was frustrated with claim rejections and having to resend claims by paper when his staff made an error.  When we told him we would charge him just 25 cents per claim with his Easy Dental Software* and catch errors with our Validation Process he was amazed at how much money that would save his practice!

We directed him to the Claim Calculator  on our website to find out his annual savings and he was impressed with the savings, and scheduled the appointment to sign up.

How much does a paper claim really cost?

Overall, a paper claim costs an office more than just the 44 cent stamp; it can cost an office anywhere from 70 cents – $1.80 per claim when factoring in labor, paper , envelope  and ink/toner costs!

We’ve saved this dentist and many others like him thousand of dollars a year on electronic claims, and hope we can save you the same.  Click here to read some of testimonials.    Give us a call today to see how we can save your practice money at 800-576-6412 x 467, or fill out a request for information here and one of our representatives will contact you within 1 business day.

Has DentalXChange saved you money on claims?  Share your stories in the comments section!

*rates dependent on Practice Management Software–please call for your per claim rate!

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