CDA Presents 2011 Recap

The annual CDA Presents conference was this past weekend and the DentalXChange team was really excited to attend.  This year DentalXChange was chosen as a CDA endorsed product, so we had a great location for our booth! We had some convention rookies in our group, who didn’t know what to expect but our conference veterans knew it was going to be a goodtime! The highlights of the show:  meeting our current clients (seeing our old friends for the first time), meeting potential new clients (meeting new friends), walking past LA Lakers Shannon Brown & Ron Artest, and of course, walking by other booths and getting FREE STUFF!

Marques handing out prizes to the winners at CDA

Blackjack is a staple at the DentalXChange booth. Our dealers are really lenient so the office staff and dentists love to play. This year, we gave out prizes like 30 days of free claims, 30 days of real-time eligibility, and of course, fuzzy dice!

Shadan, Sidra & Tom posing with their free toothbrushes

When we got the chance, we walked around to enjoy the show and marvel at the other booths.  We were so impressed by the creativity of it all–Crest had a tooth-brushing station, perfect for an after lunch touch-up!  They gave us a free toothbrush, dental floss, and a toothbrush holder. We also had a chance to try their new toothpaste!  Did anyone else go to the Crest booth?

While walking thru the convention on day 2, we encountered a crowd around a booth and we could not believe who we saw!  L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown and Ron Artest!  Needless to say, we were pretty excited… even if they didn’t make it to the finals this year!

LA Lakers Shannon Brown & Ron Artest

Of course, the absolute best part of the show was meeting our clients face to face.  Many of us, for the first time! Here is Marques with Erin from Bakersfield:

Overall, we had an incredible time at the show, met and grew friendships with other vendors and our clients and truly look forward to next year’s event!  We will be at the CDA Presents show in San Francisco this September, so please be sure to come by and say “Hi!”

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