The Perfect Summer Accessory

We are half way through 2011! Can you believe it? It seems like, just yesterday, we were cheering in the New Year. But here we are at the beginning of summer.


So, with the weather warming up and people concentrating on their summer wardrobe I thought we could talk about what the most important summer accessory will be: your SMILE =)

A 2009 national survey from the American Dental Association, Crest® and  Oral B® found that the smile outranked eyes, hair and the body as the most attractive physical feature on the opposite sex.  However, “men and women differ when it comes to taking care of their teeth and gums. The nationally representative survey of 1,000 Americans ages 18 and older found 86 percent of women brush their teeth twice or more a day, yet only 66 percent of men do so,” according to the survey. And everybody needs to floss more “Only half of those surveyed (49 percent) say they floss their teeth once a day or more often.”

How can we brighten up our smiles? Dr. Ada Cooper, an ADA consumer adviser and practicing dentist in New York City says, “Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily, eating a balanced diet, and visiting your dentist regularly can help keep your smile healthy.”

So instead of hitting the mall this weekend lets think about our dentists. Don’t have a dentist? Check out A quick check up can brighten up your smile and help brighten up your summer!

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