Going green with ClaimConnect

Have you thought about how you could participate in the movement to go green?  With major cities like Los Angeles banning plastic grocery bags, recycle bins prominently displayed at theme parks and banks increasingly reminding you to opt-in for Online Only Statements, have you thought about what you could be doing to help save trees and go green?

Forests are diminishing worldwide

Each year, Dental Offices mail and fax millions of dental claims for insurance processing.  These claims are printed on paper and sent in paper envelopes, which not only adds to the overhead cost of an office, but reduces the total number of trees, one by one.   According to Convservatree, it’s estimated that one 40 foot tall tree produces 16.67 reams of copy paper. This is the same copy paper the average American dental office uses to print off their claims, patient billing statements, and other important documents.

Save a tree by sending claims electronically

We at DentalXChange encourage you to save trees and go green with us by switching over to ClaimConnect.  ClaimConnect, DentalXChange’s Electronic Claims Processing service, has a direct EDI Connection with almost all major insurance companies, making the transition to electronic claims submission process smooth, and also ensuring a quick turnaround time.

In addition to saving trees, we can also help you keep some of that green! 🙂  Our electronic dental claims rates are about half the per claim rate as other dental clearinghouses, and those that switch to DentalXChange and use the DentalXChange Management Desktop for electronic dental claims  even tell us that their claims are paid much faster.  Give us a try, we always offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with us, you get a full refund on the claims sent.

Other services that help you go green: DentalXChange’s partnership with National Electronic Attachment (NEA), the largest dental X-Ray attachment service which scans your claims for codes that require attachments and prompts you to send those electronically rather than through the mail.  DentalXChange offers exclusive promotional pricing for offices that sign up through us.

If you are ready to go green, please give us a call at 800-576-6412 x 467.

Try these Go Green tips at your home or office:

The aluminum can recylce bin in the DentalXChange kitchen

-Ride your bike around town, walk to your neighborhood grocery store, or take public transportation when possible
-Recycle cans, plastic bottles, and other paper products at a recycling center near you (find one here)
-Buy reusable shopping bags to take with you to the grocery store
-Use energy saving light-bulbs

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