Do You Want to Send Electronic Claims, but Don’t Have a Dental Software? It’s possible!

So you don’t have a dental software in your office.  You use your desk calendar to schedule appointments and you know all the ADA CDT claim codes by heart.  You spend about two hours a day filling out dental claim forms and mailing them out, and another hour per day fixing the ones that have gotten sent back to you with errors.  Some days you’re tired of having to make the corrections, and some days you stay overtime because there is just too much paperwork to catch up on.  However, you think all this has worked out just fine because after all, the claims are getting paid and your paycheck has never bounced.

And oops!  You got a rejection notice back from an insurance company for Jane Smith–you were missing information on the claim form. You forgot to specify the surface on the composite filling and now the insurance company is asking for the surface (shouldn’t the insurance companies know anyway that you’ve been working in insurance for 10 years and you know that D2330 is for one surface!).  After fixing the claim and sending it back, it will be another 4 weeks before this claim gets paid, making the grand total time about 7  weeks.

Sending electronic claims is easy

Thankfully, DentalXChange offers web-based online claim submission, which makes it easy to send claims and pre-estimates without an expensive dental software.  Few offices managers know of the web-based claim portal with DentalXChange’s Direct Data Entry package.  No software to buy, unlimited training/technical support, and of course, this service is extremely simple.

Dr. Vincent Vivirito’s office in Des Plaines, IL switched from paper claims to web-based claim connect in April.  Erica, who has worked at the office for 12 years now, says, “The whole system overall is pretty simple and easy!  You get paid from insurance a lot faster.  Mailing claims would take a month and a half to two months and now we have payments within 2 weeks already.”

Our partner insurance companies enable you to send claims for FREE (list available upon request), while our non-partner insurance companies accept claims for just 37 cents per claim.  The best part–DentalXChange has the ability to send all your claims and pre-estimates for you, even if we don’t have an electronic connection with the payer, we drop the claims down to paper for no additional cost.

Reasons you should make the switch:
1)  Save Time: Quicker claim turnaround time (2-15 days for electronic claims vs. up to 45 days for paper claims!)
2) Save Money: Dr. Jeffrey West from Chapel Hill, NC switched to DentalXChange in April as well and says, “It has lowered my overhead in the sense that less time has to be spent filling out forms by hand and a claim submitted electronically is cheaper than paper, envelope and a stamp.”
3) Reduce Date Entry: Store patient data online so you don’t have to reenter in the next time the patient visits
4) Go Green: Sending electronic claims is a great way to be more eco-friendly and environmentally cautious
5) It’s Easy!:  Erica from Dr. Vivirito’s office agrees that you “don’t have to be a pro at the computer to figure out electronic claims.”

Dr. West adds, “I’m not using a practice management software package and have all Mac computers in my office, so DentalXchange’s browser-based interface has been perfect.  My staff caught on quickly and it has become second-nature to enter claims.  We are thrilled with the service.”

We hope this helps you with your decision to switch to electronic dental claims!  It’s easier than you think.  Give our office a call at 800-576-6412 x 467 if you have any questions.  Remember, we always offer a 30-day worry free guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied, you don’t owe us a dime.

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