Bake sale for Somalia

As we enjoy our summer barbecues, our office parties, and our fun family dinners, we should think to remember the people overseas who greatly need our help.

The EHG Fund has helped thousands of people in Africa and Asia by building schools and hospitals. Now we are focusing on helping the people of Somalia. The region is going through one of the most severe droughts in over 60 years and has led to one of the worst famines in recent history. Refugees are making their ways to camps in Kenya and other parts of Africa, their children arriving severely malnourished and under weight.  CNN’s Sanjay Gupta describes the misery in this heartbreaking article here.

Image courtesy of the BBC

An estimated 12.5 million people in the region are affected by the drought. The UN has declared a famine in five areas of southern Somalia, where 50% of children are acutely malnourished and four children out of every 10,000 are dying daily.

Yes, you read that correctly.  That’s 4 children dying daily of preventable causes.   We need to help them.

Somali refugees arriving in Kenyan camps for aid

Together with the EHG Fund, the DentalXChange team is hosting an in-office fundraiser next week.  Our idea is simple, we are hosting a bake sale and charging $2 per cupcake, with 100% of the proceeds going to the EHG Fund. We are going to bake red velvet cupcakes and other yummy treats and place them in the kitchen to raise money for the refugees. We will also be taking donations above and beyond the bake sale.

DentalXChange employees can also donate to the EHG Fund through payroll deductions and since all the proceeds in September will be sent to Somalia, we will be encouraging all employees to enroll.

How can you Help?

DentalXChange gives your practice the option to donate to the EHG Fund with each claim you send. You have the option of donating 1-5 cents per claim and DentalXChange will match 100% of your donation each month!

What else can you do to help? Host a bake sale in your offices like we are at DentalXChange! Offer cookies, cupcakes or other treats (my favorite red velvet recipe is this one here.) to your patients for a small donation.  All donations made to the EHG Fund Facebook causes will be directed towards Somalia.

We want to help right away and feel the best way for us to get started and to inspire our clients to do the same is to host a bake sale next Tuesday, August 23.  Will you please join us in hosting one in your office?

We know that no amount is too little to donate to the Somalian refugees. We hope that we generate some donations for those suffering from the drought and pray that relief will come soon.

For our Somalia Bakesale, we will be making Red Velvet Cupcakes

I hope this inspires you to do a bake sale of some sort in your office!

We’re asking offices to participate in a bake sale to help aid these refugees. Please make contributions to the EHG Fund Facebook causes HERE

We are hosting ours next Tuesday, August 23.  Will you participate?

Email Etiquette Webinar

Do you often wonder how your e-mails can be more effective?  Join the  National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC) for their Email Etiquette Webinar next Thursday, August 11.   Many of our DentalXChange staff members are participating, and we invite our clients to join in as well!   This webinar will provide you with tips to ensure your emails are more professional and accurate.

Please see details below (or visit this link for more details):

Webinar:  Email Etiquette

Date:      Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time:      2:00 PM Eastern; 1:00 PM Central; 12:00 Noon Mountain; 11:00 AM Pacific

Cost:     $40 per member site; $50 per non-member site

To Register:      Click here to register online or contact the NDEDIC office (602) 266-7740


  • Learn to write clear, concise email which quickly conveys the information people need and gets results
  • Use email time more productively
  • Convey a professional image
  • Identify topics and information which are not appropriate for email

About our Program:

Email is ideal for the kinds of quick messages that most of us send in response to questions, to pass along information, and to make requests.  We use email because it is quick and easy.  Ensuring accuracy and clarity in your emails is important.  Do your emails contain an offensive ‘tone’?  Are they often misunderstood?  NDEDIC’s webinar on “Email Etiquette” will provide you with some tips and tricks to ensure your emails are professional and accurate.

About our Speaker:

Catherine Magnall, a leading expert in professional and organizational development currently leads the professional services group at Quality Systems, Inc., dental unit.  As QSIDental responds to aggressive growth, the company recently reorganized key departments including client implementation/training, professional development, eLearning and customer satisfaction under the umbrella of professional services.

Prior to joining QSI, Catherine led a national staffing organization as vice president, training and operations.  In 1998 when on-line training was in its infancy, Catherine successfully developed, launched and succeeded in training over 1800 employees in preparation for a national, mission-critical software roll out.  Additionally, Catherine created the organization’s internal university that focused on blended learning concepts in areas of customer service, sales and leadership.

As a result of 25 years in corporate America, Catherine’s experience enabled her to launch her own staffing business, MedSearch Financial, Inc., where she and her team of healthcare professionals provided training and recruitment functions for the business side of healthcare.

Catherine is a dynamic virtual classroom facilitator who sparks enthusiasm with learning.  We are pleased to have her share her experience with us.