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DXC Halloween Pumpkins 2011

The DentalXChange team takes Halloween very seriously, and this year the teams really got creative with their Halloween Pumpkins.  Take a look at the photos of our pumpkins below, and leave a reply with your name and the pumpkin you’d like to vote for in the comments section, or visit our Facebook page to click “Like” on your favorite pumpkin.  🙂

The Joker Pumpkin

Gargoyle Pumpkin


Kermit the Frog Pumpkin

Stressed Out Pumpkin

Happy Meal Pumpkin

Angry Birds Pumpkin

The Finding Nemo Pumpkin

PacMan Pumpkin

The Robo-Pumpkin (view video below)

To vote for your favorite, simply leave a reply below with the pumpkin you’d like to vote for along with your name.  Thank you, and have a great Halloween!! [queue spooky Halloween music].


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