Feature Tutorial: Click-to-Talk

Connecting with a dental office has never been easier.  Patients can use click to talk connectivity on DentistUSA.com to call your dental practice with a simple click of a button.  Patients simply open the profile of the dentist of their choice and click on “Click-to-Talk” to call your office.   All this is done without having to pick up their phone and dialing your number!  Here is a quick visual tutorial on how simple this process can be for your patients.

STEP ONE:  The patient finds your dental practice on DentistUSA.com by searching by their zip code or city and state.  They can also search by treatment using the drop-down if they’d like to.

STEP TWO:  The patient views your profile and after deciding they want visit your practice, they’ll select “Click-to-Talk” to call your office and set up an appointment.  (Of course, they can always dial the special number provided by us, but Click-to-Talk is proven to have higher conversion rates. ) This is great for your dental practice!

STEP THREE: The patient enters their phone number, word verification and immediately their phone rings.  Your office phone also rings, connecting you and your new patient!

Screen shot demonstrating click to talk

Click-to-Talk connectivity can easily help patients call your practice and quickly schedule an appointment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial on DentistUSA.  Not signed up?  Register with us for free, call DentalXChange now.  800-576-6412 x 467.

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