Jop Opening: We are hiring a PHP Developer

DentalXChange is hiring a PHP Developer in Irvine, CA!  If you’d like to join our dynamic, growing company, send your resume and cover letter to Hamidah Sonawalla at

Job Description:
We are looking for a PHP developer to join our project team. The individual must be highly collaborative and have ability that spans all areas of web application development and to be involved in all phases of the development lifecycle. The candidate will be responsible for new application development and improving an existing LAMP application to meet the changing needs of our business.

Position Responsibilities:
* Analyze, design, and develop systems and applications, working with the full software development lifecycle of new projects.
* Manage and troubleshoot application development and deployment of existing LAMP based applications.
* Consult with stakeholders, users and third-parties to gather information about needs, objectives, functions, features, and other requirements.
* Providing innovative solutions by researching technologies and software.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
* Demonstrated knowledge of application design principles, practices design patterns and software life cycles.
* Working knowledge of object-oriented design and development in PHP and PHP 5(OO).
* Working knowledge of MVC and PHP frameworks.

* Must be strong in Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and AJAX

* Working knowledge of SEO technologies.

* Working knowledge of SOAP web services.
* Thorough knowledge of project/task estimation and planning.
* Demonstrated ability to participate in all phases of application software development.
* Demonstrated ability to evaluate user needs or specifications and translate them in a logical and practical set of software components.

* 3+ years programming experience with PHP.
* 3+ years experience with HTML and CSS design.
* 2+ years experience with Ajax development.
* Experience in integrating with SOAP web services.
* Hands-on experience with HTML5 and CSS3 a plus.

Range: $60,000 – $70,000 Based upon Experience

Negative Reviews: How do Dentists Feel About it?

We have been reading everywhere about how a contract stifling negative reviews has gone terribly wrong for a New York dental practice, and decided to ask our clients to weigh in.

A Manhattan dentist asked would-be patients to sign a contract before receiving services.  The “Mutual Agreement to Remain Privacy” form sought to prevent patients from criticizing the dentist on review sites, Internet blogs, or online forums.  Moreover, a copyright clause in the form assigned the dentist as the owner of any such comments so that she can have them removed in the event they appeared.

The patient alleges that he was required to pay the practice $4,800 up front to treat his sore tooth in 2010, and she would submit paperwork to his insurance for reimbursement.  Sounds pretty simple!  However, the patient says that the doctor’s office never submitted the claims to his insurance, nor would they provide him with necessary paperwork to submit the claims on their own (seems she didn’t use DentalXChange for electronic claims!).

This prompted the patient to take to Yelp! and other online websites and write a negative review about the doctor, which she saw as a breach of contract.  She subsequently tried to fine the patient for the negative remarks, to which he counter-sued.  In a twist of irony, the story has caught fire among media outlets and bloggers and tarnished the reputation of the dentist.  You can read more about this on

We’d like to know how you feel about reviews on online websites.   How do reviews affect your practice?  As a dentist, do you think they help you more or hurt you more?