Attract More Patients by Updating Your DentistUSA Promotions

Adding and updating promotional codes to your profile not only makes your profile more attractive but it also helps your office appear more competitive among the other dental offices listed.  In a time when more and more patients are skipping out on dental care due to high costs, it is more important than ever to put your best marketing foot forward.

We suggest updating your promotions so they reflect the most current and up-to-date specials your office is offering.  Upon reviewing some profiles, we have noticed that some offices have active promotions that show a 2011 expiration date.  In four quick steps, you can change your promotions right online!

Sample Promo DentistUSA

To change this deal, simply follow these steps.  You will have to log in to your ClaimConnect account on first.

Step One: Click on the “Patient Connect” tab on the top right corner.

Step 1

Step Two:  Then, you will click on “Profile Manager” on the left hand side.

Step Three:  After that, click on “Patient Offers” to review offers.

Step 3

Step Four:  Next, enter your offers and be sure to enter a disclaimer or expiration date.  Remove any old promotions.

Be sure to hit “Save & Exit” to save your new promotion.  This process can be done in under 10 minutes.  We recommend your dental practices advertise their promotions on so patients can find and select the dental office with the best specials!  In a time where patients are struggling economically, dental care should not be out of reach for patients.  They appreciate new patient specials or discounts on whitening procedures, and DentistUSA is the best way to draw new patients in!

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