CDA Endorses DentalXChange for 3rd Consecutive Year

DentalXChange (DXC) is proud to announce that the California Dental Association (CDA) has selected DentalXChange as an Endorsed Program for a third consecutive year.

“We’re particularly excited about entering our third year of CDA endorsement because it reflects the ongoing quality of the services we offer, as well as our extensive participation in the dental industry and the vision shared by our entire team,” said Scott Wellwood, president of DXC.

This endorsement enables CDA’s nearly 25,000 members to receive an immediate savings on DentalXChange’s innovative, easy-to-use electronic transaction services, including electronic claims, real-time eligibility, claim status and electronic remittance advice (ERA).

“As a CDA Endorsed Program for the past two years, DentalXChange has a strong track record of sharing its superior products and services, while remaining dedicated to providing a significant savings to our members.  In addition, DentalXChange maintains the capacity and ability to deliver exceptional customer service,” said Evet Dickinson, manager, CDA Endorsed Programs. “We are excited to once again have DentalXChange on our roster of CDA Endorsed Programs, all of whom deliver quality services and exclusive benefits to our members.”

With this renewed endorsement, CDA members will continue to benefit from savings on a variety of DentalXChange’s products, including ClaimConnect, an online application that provides immediate access to an online claims tracking tool that is capable of managing all claims transactions with custom reporting options.

ClaimConnect was designed to remove the barriers associated with conducting electronic transactions between dental offices and insurance companies, and is compatible with most dental software programs for online claim submission. In addition to batch upload claim services, providers who do not want to invest in electronic dental interchange (EDI) modules or dental software programs can conduct on-line transactions using a simple, intuitive browser-based interface.

The service offers providers the tools to improve the flow of registration, enrollment and billing processes, verify patient eligibility and process claims in near real-time. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), which is an electronic version of an Explanation of Benefits, can be viewed and printed, or imported into certain dental software programs. This provides a complement to Electronic Funds Transfer programs offered by many insurance companies.

“DentalXChange has been supporting California dental providers for more than two decades, and we’re proud to be able to continue to provide them with a discount on our valuable business services.  We look forward to continuing to help CDA members to improve office efficiencies while reducing paper usage, saving money and improving cash flow year in and year out,” noted Wellwood.

About DentalXChange

Since 1989, DentalXChange has earned industry-wide acclaim and recognition for pioneering the web-based dental EDI solutions industry. Today, it has grown to support a current client base of over 12,000 dental healthcare offices. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, DentalXChange accounts for more than $4 billion in dental claims annually. Through its own clearinghouse and secure web portals, the company processes nearly 20 million EDI transactions, consisting of more than 15 million dental claims annually.

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5 Tips On Branding Your Practice

Have you ever thought about what you can do to help attract more patients to your dental practice? I would say most dentists have, as they are business owners first and doctors second. Your patients are your customers and every business needs customers to survive. Simple economics. So back to our question, “how to attract more patients?” My answer, Branding.

Branding is practiced by every major company and consumer product and this does not exclude dental practices. By definition, “Branding” is the identification of a product or service with the manufacturer or provider. It sounds boring but it really is a lot of fun. We’re talking about injecting your personality and what you want your patients to see, feel, and experience while they are at your practice.  For example, this practice in Tokyo, Japan, branded itself as the “Hello Kitty” dentist. Kind of a campy idea, but when you read that Sanrio (the parent company of Hello Kitty) made $1.08 billion off of Hello Kitty products last year, that idea starts to look like a giant bag with a dollar sign on it.

So what can you do to help brand you practice? Here are 5 tips:

1.  Write a Mission Statement

Your mission statement should tell patients, and your internal team, what you want to accomplish and what they can expect from you as their dentist. Start by putting yourself in the patient’s shoes. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel when I’m at the dentist?”

2. Define your “Unique Selling Point”

The best way to brand yourself is to find out what you do that sets yourself apart from everyone else, or as Jerry Jones of Jerry Jones Direct calls it, your “Unique Selling Point” or USP. Once you have your USP, you can use it to brand your practice and yourself.  Be sure to communicate your USP to your team and your patients.  Remember, you are your practice!

3. Create a logo

James Kuster wrote, “your logo is not your branding but a small piece of your branding.” It should be designed to be instantly recognizable to create and reinforce brand awareness.

4. Think Color

Room color has a tremendous effect on how we feel. Consider the image you are trying to convey to your patients; are your clients mostly young and trendy or are you a pediatric dentist? Choose your color accordingly.  According to a study done in London, a mid to light pink helps relax patients and is an ideal color for a dental practice. But beware of getting too pink. Hot pinks to reds can increase heart rates, respiration and anxiety.

5.  Brand Your Customer Service

As I mentioned, your brand is an emotional response that stems from the sum of all experiences your patients have with your practice.  In order to ensure that this response is positive, make a list of all the actions your team can repeatedly implement in order to ensure that each patient receives the same, pleasant experience.  For example, decide how your staff should answer each phone call and greet every patient.  You could establish a protocol where you personally call each patient after a procedure to follow-up.  These special, unique touches will enhance your patients’ experience of your brand.

Once your branding is in place, keep your messaging consistent throughout all of your marketing and advertising.  Each newsletter, flyer, direct mail piece, radio spot or TV commercial should reflect your mission statement and your Unique Selling Point. Soon you’ll be the one holding the big bag with the dollar sign!