DentalXChange’s Plant A Tree Program To Help Reforestation of Colorado

On the morning of June 9, 2012, a lightning strike near Fort Collins, Colorado started what would become the most devastating fire in Colorado history. It was named the the High Park fire and it burned over 136 square miles during a 3 week period before it was 100% contained. The High Park fire became the most destructive fire in Colorado history. That was until, June 23, 2012 (yes, only two weeks later) when the Waldo Canyon fire started and surpassed the damage done by the High Park Fire. These wildfires ravaged Colorado and left over a 160 square miles of scorched earth.

10 years earlier, a similar fire burned over 138,000 acres. That fire, known as the Hayman fire, burned a lot of what is Pikes National forest and was out of control for close to a month before firefighters could contain the area. It too, left the Colorado countryside ravaged and burnt without any hope of relief.



Today, thanks to the US Forest Service and charities like the Arbor Day Foundation and Plant-It 2020, new life is starting to take root in Pike National Forest. It would have taken centuries for the burnt forest to grow back naturally and if it were not for the planting projects of these services we could have been without the forest for generations. We at DentalXChange recognize the worthiness of these organizations and the goals they are working towards.

In an effort to help, we have partnered with Plant-It 2020 who will be planting a tree in Colorado for every new client that signs up for one of our products or services, from April 2012 through the end of the year. We just made our first donation in honor of the practices that have signed with us during the 2nd quarter and hope it helps bring back these forests and helps the surrounding communities recover from this horrific ordeal.

If you signed up for one of our services during April, May or June of this year you will be receiving a certificate in the mail stating that DentalXChange has planted a tree in your honor. If you signed up with us during July or August, your certificate will be sent in the next couple of months. We thank you for your business and your commitment to your community and our planet.

If you have not signed up with DentalXChange or if you would like to help with our efforts please call! We will plant a tree in your honor for signing up for one of our award winning services. Call us at 1800-576-6412 ext. 467.

We would like to thank Plant-It 2020 for their help in protecting our environment and we hope our contribution can help return these forests to their natural beauty.