Switching Makes More Cents!

DentalXChange is proud to announce the launch of its new “Switching Makes More Cents!” campaign, encouraging practices to switch to ClaimConnect and E-Patient Statements before the 3-cent postal rate increase, scheduled for January 26th.

DentalXChange Switching Makes More Cents“The Postal Service is increasing standard postage by 3 cents! So, we felt it was the perfect time for dental practices to take advantage of the added value our services offer,” said Scott Wellwood, President of DentalXChange. “Our ‘Switching Makes More Cents!’ campaign sweetens the deal as we are offering some great incentives for new practices who sign up with us and for current clients who refer us.”

The “Switching Makes More Cents!” campaign includes a number of exciting benefits for clients, including:

New Client Promotion

  • Any new practice that signs up for ClaimConnect will receive 30 days of free claims.*
  • Any new practice that signs up for E-Patient Statements receives 30 days of free e-delivered statements.*
  • Plus, any new practice that signs up for ClaimConnect or E-Patient Statements will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card!*

Current Client Referral Promotion

  • Refer a practice and receive a $25 Starbucks gift card and free claims or free E-Patient Statements for a month!*

*Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us via facebook for details.

All referrals and new sign ups must be made via facebook to receive promotions!

  • New Clients -Private message the DentalXChange facebook page and give your contact information (name, phone number, address) as well as what product you are interested in, and a sales associate will contact you.
  • Referring Clients – Private message the DentalXChange facebook page and give your referral’s contact information, including a contact name, phone number and address as well as their own name and phone number.

To take advantage of these promotions please access our facebook page and private message us by clicking here now!


“Switching Makes More Cents” Details

The “Switching Makes More Cents” campaign starts now and runs through February 14th.  To be eligible for promotional benefits, practices must enter their information via a private message on facebook. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us via facebook for more details.

ClaimConnect is the premiere EDI solution for online claims delivery and real time services.  This state-of-the-art solution allows you to process your claims, all online, without the need of paper, postage or envelopes. Coupled with our superior customer service, ClaimConnect presents the perfect solution for all of your dental online claims needs.

E-Patient Statements allows providers to send patient statements via email. A secure email link enables the patient to view and pay their statements online. E-Patient Statements will help increase patient satisfaction, cut out the post office and improve your practice’s cash flow.

“We are proud of the value DentalXChange offers and will continue innovative new and affordable products that will assist dentists, patients and payers,” noted Wellwood. “We hope everyone sees, switching to DentalXChange really does make cents!”

Over the past two decades, DentalXChange has established itself as the leader in online solutions for the dental industry. The company’s goals are to simplify business processes, increase productivity and enhance the management side of the dental practice. Through superior customer service and streamlined connectivity, DentalXChange bridges the gaps between dental payers, patients and providers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to private message us on facebook by clicking here.

DentalXChange Switching Makes More Cents


DentalXChange is proud to announce the launch of the company’s new dental practice time sheet management program, DDS TimeManager. DDS TimeManager

Designed to help dental practices accurately manage employees’ work hours, DDS TimeManager was built to automate time sheets and help dental practices become more efficient. Practices that use the online tool will find benefit from the easy-to-use, time clock system, one-click time sheet approval process and detailed reports, allowing managers to better monitor labor distribution, according to Scott Wellwood, President of DentalXChange.

“Inaccuracies in employee reported work hours can cost employers thousands of dollars each year,” said Wellwood. “We set out to create a time sheet management program that would help dental practices automate their payrolls and put an end to these errors.”

DDS TimeManager features an online time clock system, allowing employees to clock in and out from their computer, or from one, established computer.  Employees can also view their weekly, monthly and yearly hours worked. Managers can view and edit employees’ daily work hours, as well as monitor sick and vacation hours. Managers can also approve and edit time sheets, enter holiday hours one time and apply it to all employees, and view detailed reports showing any errors that need correction.

“DDS TimeManager will save practice managers’ time, save on paper costs and reduce payroll inaccuracies to the benefit of both employers and their employees,” said Wellwood.

DDS TimeManager is currently available for purchase at http://www.DentalXChange.com or by calling 800-576-6412 ext. 455.