We Are #StrongerTogether

As a partner in the continued success of our clients and an advocate for the dental industry as a whole, DentalXChange is committed to helping dental practices get back to work safely. Unfortunately, many offices are short in supplies such as respirator masks, gloves, shields and more. Such items are required for practices to reopen and get back to treating patients. To help with the high demand for safety supplies, we are offering a promotion while supplies last.

Add a new paid service and receive ten KN95 masks. 

We will also donate ten KN95 masks to one of our non-profit partners, in need of supplies and support 

Your purchase helps us to donate masks to our partnered charities that are in desperate need of safety supplies.

Soon, dentists will be heading back to seeing patients in their offices. We believe respirator masks, which are in high demand and are difficult to find, will be an important part of keeping safe while treating patients. This also means, that more than ever, non-profit organizations that depend on support of the community will be needing safety supplies, which will not be easy to find.

Through our 501 C 3 charity, the EHG Fund, we have partnered with various charitable organizations that share our vision for a better world and are in desperate need of safety supplies. The KN95 masks donated through this promotion will go to help everything from dental treatment centers to food banks, to helping schools and teachers in impoverished areas of the world.

To learn about our non-profit partners, please click here.

DentalXChange has been the leader in online services for the dental industry, since 1989. Our services will make it easier for your practice to limit the contact between your patients and your staff while saving your practice money. From receiving benefit info before a patient checks in, to making contactless payments, we have a service that will help.

Learn more about our services here.

If you would like more information or to signup, please call us at (800) 576-6412 Ext 455 or click here to have us contact you. Please mention #StrongerTogether.

We at DentalXChange know that together we are stronger and will continue to be of support to your practice, and the dental industry – now and always.

*While supplies last.  Must have valid credit card on file after 15 days of using service.


DentalXChange Featured in Dentistry IQ

Our VP of business development, Le Ann Morris, talked to Zachary Kulsrud of Dentistry IQ about credentialing and claims services in the new normal. Check it out below:

Credentialing trends dentists should watch in light of COVID-19

LeAnn Morris, vice president of business development for DentalXChange, answers our questions about credentialing and claims services in the new normal.

As many dental practices are forced to curtail patient visits to slow the spread of COVID-19, providers are more reliant than ever on their payer networks to maintain positive and timely cash flow. The situation highlights the need for web-based credentialing services that are accurate and efficient. We interviewed LeAnn Morris, vice president of business development for DentalXChange to learn more. Her company is a creator of electronic solutions for the dental industry, including the DDS Enroll web-based credentialing software platform. We discuss current credentialing trends, the pandemic’s impact on dentistry, and credentialing innovations dentists should watch out for in the near future.

Interview with Le Ann Morris, VP of business development, DentalXChange

DentistryIQDuring this period of disruption, many dentists and dental practices are reevaluating their vendors, systems, and value propositions. From a high-level view, what industry-wide credentialing trends are underway in dentistry? What is driving these trends, and why should dentists be paying attention?

LeAnn Morris: The main trend in credentialing is toward technology for providers and payers that is easy to use…

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