DentalXChange Donates 500 KN95 Masks to Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County

Donation made as a result of DentalXChange’s #StrongerTogether campaign

On Thursday, July 9th, DentalXChange, donated 500 KN95 face masks to Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County.

“We are so pleased that we can be of assistance to Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County,” said Emilia Sadeghi, Director of Marketing and Design for DentalXChange. “The services they provide are vital for the health and welfare of the children of our community.”

Since 2003, Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County has been helping children from under-served families receive quality, affordable, and prompt pediatric dental care. The clinic provides a full range of diagnostic, preventive, and restorative treatment including but not limited to dental check-ups, restorative care, and general anesthesia.

“As a safety net dental clinic, Healthy Smiles has been facing the challenges of the pandemic since the beginning. We never fully closed down to ensure that if any child had a dental emergency that they could readily access a dental provider,” said Dr. Priyal Ohri, Dental Director for Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County. “Just like hospitals and other healthcare clinics, we have been struggling with supply shortages. Especially now that we have resumed full operations, our PPE needs have become more significant and we truly appreciate DentalXChange for providing much-needed protective equipment. Thank you for your help in keeping our providers and staff safe so they can continue to provide essential services to the children in our community.”

The donation was made possible as a result of the #StrongerTogether campaign that started in May 2020 and was funded through the EHG Fund, the non profit organization supported by DentalXChange.

The goal of the campaign was to help dentists have KN95 masks during this time of high demand for personal protective equipment. Also, knowing that many charities would not have easy access to these masks, part of the campaign’s goal was to supply our partnered charities with masks to help them continue their much-needed work.

“We started our #StrongerTogether campaign because we wanted to help dentists get back to work as safely as possible while helping a worthy cause like Healthy Smiles for Kids to continue the work they do,” Mrs. Sadeghi, explained. “We must thank our clients who made this donation possible and we applaud the work Healthy Smiles for Kids is doing. We look forward to helping them in the near future.”


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