Switching Makes More Cents

We all knew it was going to happen. As of August 29th, the cost of postage has increased by 3 cents. Along with postage rates, the USPS has increased the rate of postage based on weight, which means each additional page added to a mailed statement will cost an extra $.01. This brings the rate of mailed statements up to $.90, at the bare minimum.

In light of these increases, we think this is the perfect time to make the switch from paper to emailed statements. The cost of our e-delivery statement service is only $0.37 per statement!

E-Patient Statements electronic delivery is safe, fast, easy and more affordable than ever. Your office can send patient statements securely, without the cost of postage and supplies. Couple E-Patient Statements with PayConnect and you’ll be able to collect payment online!

This helps you get paid FASTER!

To put this into context:

Let’s say you average 8 patients a day, 5 days a week. At the end of the month, you are sending out 160 patient statements. That comes out to over $144 in postage alone. Now, throw in the cost of printing and paper and envelopes. Oh, and you have to pay an employee to print the statements and stuff envelopes. These costs can add up quickly!

With E-Patient Statements, those 160 statements can be e-mailed to your patients, saving you the cost of postage, printing, employee time and those dreaded envelops. This makes it easier for your patients to pay for your services, which increases cash flow and increases customer satisfaction.

So, to summarize:

-You no longer have to print, stuff and mail statements.

-You save money on postage, paper and envelopes.

-You give your patients the ability to pay you faster, helping to increase cash flow.

 -You will increase patient satisfaction.

That makes a lot of sense and cents!

Add PayConnect and you’ll give your patients the ability to pay your statement online, along with a bevy of other ways to pay for your services. Offering your patients more ways to pay their bill will make payments easier for them and increase their satisfaction. It will also speed up cash flow and help make your bank account look a lot more attractive at the end of the month.

To learn more about E-Patient Statements, PayConnect and how much money you can save, call us at (800) 576-6412 ext. 400 or click the button below.

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