Improve Efficiency with DentalXChange Attachment Service

DentalXChange Attachment Service is the most intuitive, user friendly and cost-effective attachment solution in the market today. Our attachment service is designed to send supporting documentation to the insurance company without having to use third party software. Sending claims and attachments in one service will lead to fewer errors, improve efficiency and faster reimbursements.

The Features of DentalXChange Attachment Service

  • Completely integrated with your ClaimConnect account
  • Safely submit electronic attachments directly to the Payer
  • Alerts you if an attachment is required
  • Customize attachment rules by Payer, Provider or Location
  • Quickly resubmit solicited attachments
  • View submitted claims along with associated attachments
  • Secure online attachment archival available
  • Requires no additional third-party software

All of this for only $25 per month for unlimited attachment!

Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your attachment service. Call us now for a free demo and find out how you can reduce costs and increase efficiency with DentalXChange Attachment Service.

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