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7 Things You Can’t Ignore If You Want To Go Green At Work

While DentalXChange offers solutions for your practice to be environmentally cautious in the office, here are seven great things you can do to be more environmentally aware at work.

  1. Open a Window:  Instead of turning on the air conditioning, open a window to let the cool breeze brighten up your office.  A little fresh air goes a long way and saves energy.
  2. Recycle: Have recycle bins around the office so staff can toss paper in the recycle bin instead of the trash can.  If it is feasible, try to get everyone a small recycle bin to make recycling easy.
  3. Electronic Charts:  Though this may be expensive initially, having your patients fill out charts on an iPad is a smart move and it saves paper.  Plus, while not in use for forms, the iPad can be docked to play patient education videos.
  4. BPA Free Cups: Instead of stocking your kitchen with plastic cups, give each employee reusable cups and mugs like these BPA free cups.  You can purchase them at home or sporting goods stores.  Retailers like Starbucks sell reusable tumblers and coffee mugs that make going green easy.
  5. Mind Electricity:  Be cautious about electricity usage at your office.  Whoever leaves last at the end of the day should be responsibly for making sure all the lights are turned off before they leave.  Staff should also be encouraged to turn off computers and printers at the end of the day so they aren’t unnecessarily turned on at the end of the day.
  6. Bring lunch:  This not only helps prevent you from having to drive to lunch but also eliminates all the packaging that inevitably comes with ordered lunch.  Bringing a reusable container from home eliminates waste.
  7. Walk/Bike:  If you live a close enough distance, bike to work!  You can also use your bike to get lunch, or walk while you go on your break to get lunch.
  8. Image courtesy ProFlowers

    Desk Plants:  Bringing a plant to your desk will purify the air in your office to help keep it fresh.  NASA has done many studies that show that certain plants effectively rid the air of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene.  If you want a pretty, flowering plant, get gerberba daisies.   (Refer to this list for houseplants you can use.)

Here are some appalling facts about pollution and its effect on the environment:

-Each person creates an average of 4.7 pounds of waste daily!
-In 2007 alone, the amount of recycling saved the energy equivalent of 10.7 billion gallons of gasoline, thus preventing the release of carbon dioxide equivalent to 35 million cars!
-By recycling one ton of aluminum cans, we can conserve about 1,665 gallons of gasoline.
Every Year:
-Each person in the US uses about 10,000 sheets of paper
-Enough paper is thrown away to make a 12 foot wall from California to New York

Do you have any suggestions to add to this list?

DentalXChange is committed to going “green.”   In an effort to encourage practices to switch over to an Electronic Data Interchange format and do away with paper, CDA Endorsed Program DentalXChange will plant a tree in the name of each new practice that signs up for the company’s ClaimConnect product.  (read about it here).

The goal: Make practices run smoother and help the environment at the same time.

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Patient Education Resources You Can’t Ignore If You Want Patients to Say “YES” To Treatment

Millions of Americans do not visit the dentist for their six month checkups, and if they miss their preventative checkups, dentists are more likely to find problems that require follow up visits and a comprehensive treatment plan.

The likelihood that your staff went through the exact same training on dental care is low.  Because of this, your dental assistant may explain certain treatment plans differently than your dental hygienist would.  Unfortunately, relaying the benefits of a treatment plan is quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks of a dental professional.

When treatment information is explained ineffectively, you risk losing the trust and patronage of your patient.  It is imperative your patient understands the procedure your practice is suggesting so that they have the knowledge to say “YES” to dental treatments.

Procedures tend to be explained differently by members of your staff, so in order to minimize confusion we encourage dental practices to invest in a patient education solution.  As a matter of fact, only 10% of what you say is retained by the patient, so sending them home with information is key.

Not only will this help teach your patients about procedures, but, playing a dental education video on cosmetic procedures in the waiting room instead of playing the latest talk show may encourage patients to ask you later about what they saw in the waiting room.

We have two solutions for you.  One, you can use our web-based $9.95/month online patient education system to share videos on a variety of topics ranging from infant care to emergency dental care.  Our online solution is extremely fast and easy to use. As an integrated part of our existing PatientConnect solutions, it can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  You can even add links to videos on your website.

Our second solution is our full chair-side application.  This application comes with over 300 illustrations and animations with over 30 of the most popular dental movies that can be played in any sequence.

It is extremely important to give your patients the knowledge to say “YES” to your dental treatment suggestions, and there is no better way than to have consistent education and training.  Click here for more information.

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Attract More Patients by Updating Your DentistUSA Promotions

Adding and updating promotional codes to your profile not only makes your profile more attractive but it also helps your office appear more competitive among the other dental offices listed.  In a time when more and more patients are skipping out on dental care due to high costs, it is more important than ever to put your best marketing foot forward.

We suggest updating your promotions so they reflect the most current and up-to-date specials your office is offering.  Upon reviewing some profiles, we have noticed that some offices have active promotions that show a 2011 expiration date.  In four quick steps, you can change your promotions right online!

Sample Promo DentistUSA

To change this deal, simply follow these steps.  You will have to log in to your ClaimConnect account on first.

Step One: Click on the “Patient Connect” tab on the top right corner.

Step 1

Step Two:  Then, you will click on “Profile Manager” on the left hand side.

Step Three:  After that, click on “Patient Offers” to review offers.

Step 3

Step Four:  Next, enter your offers and be sure to enter a disclaimer or expiration date.  Remove any old promotions.

Be sure to hit “Save & Exit” to save your new promotion.  This process can be done in under 10 minutes.  We recommend your dental practices advertise their promotions on so patients can find and select the dental office with the best specials!  In a time where patients are struggling economically, dental care should not be out of reach for patients.  They appreciate new patient specials or discounts on whitening procedures, and DentistUSA is the best way to draw new patients in!

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Jop Opening: We are hiring a PHP Developer

DentalXChange is hiring a PHP Developer in Irvine, CA!  If you’d like to join our dynamic, growing company, send your resume and cover letter to Hamidah Sonawalla at

Job Description:
We are looking for a PHP developer to join our project team. The individual must be highly collaborative and have ability that spans all areas of web application development and to be involved in all phases of the development lifecycle. The candidate will be responsible for new application development and improving an existing LAMP application to meet the changing needs of our business.

Position Responsibilities:
* Analyze, design, and develop systems and applications, working with the full software development lifecycle of new projects.
* Manage and troubleshoot application development and deployment of existing LAMP based applications.
* Consult with stakeholders, users and third-parties to gather information about needs, objectives, functions, features, and other requirements.
* Providing innovative solutions by researching technologies and software.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
* Demonstrated knowledge of application design principles, practices design patterns and software life cycles.
* Working knowledge of object-oriented design and development in PHP and PHP 5(OO).
* Working knowledge of MVC and PHP frameworks.

* Must be strong in Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and AJAX

* Working knowledge of SEO technologies.

* Working knowledge of SOAP web services.
* Thorough knowledge of project/task estimation and planning.
* Demonstrated ability to participate in all phases of application software development.
* Demonstrated ability to evaluate user needs or specifications and translate them in a logical and practical set of software components.

* 3+ years programming experience with PHP.
* 3+ years experience with HTML and CSS design.
* 2+ years experience with Ajax development.
* Experience in integrating with SOAP web services.
* Hands-on experience with HTML5 and CSS3 a plus.

Range: $60,000 – $70,000 Based upon Experience

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Negative Reviews: How do Dentists Feel About it?

We have been reading everywhere about how a contract stifling negative reviews has gone terribly wrong for a New York dental practice, and decided to ask our clients to weigh in.

A Manhattan dentist asked would-be patients to sign a contract before receiving services.  The “Mutual Agreement to Remain Privacy” form sought to prevent patients from criticizing the dentist on review sites, Internet blogs, or online forums.  Moreover, a copyright clause in the form assigned the dentist as the owner of any such comments so that she can have them removed in the event they appeared.

The patient alleges that he was required to pay the practice $4,800 up front to treat his sore tooth in 2010, and she would submit paperwork to his insurance for reimbursement.  Sounds pretty simple!  However, the patient says that the doctor’s office never submitted the claims to his insurance, nor would they provide him with necessary paperwork to submit the claims on their own (seems she didn’t use DentalXChange for electronic claims!).

This prompted the patient to take to Yelp! and other online websites and write a negative review about the doctor, which she saw as a breach of contract.  She subsequently tried to fine the patient for the negative remarks, to which he counter-sued.  In a twist of irony, the story has caught fire among media outlets and bloggers and tarnished the reputation of the dentist.  You can read more about this on

We’d like to know how you feel about reviews on online websites.   How do reviews affect your practice?  As a dentist, do you think they help you more or hurt you more?

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10 Customer Service Tips for the Dental Office

With such stiff competition from the dental practice down the street, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?  Customer service is important in helping your practice thrive in a difficult economy.  We compiled a list of 10 Customer Service Tips for your dental staff.

1)      Standardize your Greeting:  Answer the phone with a standard greeting.  The best greeting usually starts with “Thank you for calling…”  Here’s a tip on appearing more polite: even though the person on the other end cannot see you, Smile!  It will show through in your voice.

2)      Excellent phone etiquette.  A big part of your job is to call patients to confirm appointments and to schedule recall appointments.  Be polite and friendly over the phone, and practice speaking slowly and clearly.  Using the patient’s name in the conversation is also a great way to show you are attentive.

3)      Leaving Messages:  When leaving patient messages, speak clearly and leave important details!  Mention the day of the appointment, time and be absolutely sure to leave a call back number.

4)      Smile!  Greet your patient as soon as they walk into your office with a pleasant greeting and a smile.  Never leave the front desk vacant, and always assist the patients as if they are your number one priority.  Be a little more personal by standing up to talk to the patient to have an eye to eye contact.

5)      Build Rapport:  Get to know your patients.  Ask them about their day, their children, and their jobs.  Build a trusting relationship with them and they will be likely to return to your practice.

6)      Bedside Manner.  If your patients are in pain or if they are hurting, treat them kindly and assure them that they will be taken care of by your dentist.  Be cautious what you say to your patients and think about how they might perceive your comments!  Unfortunately, patients are more likely to share stories about negative behavior than kind behavior.


7)      Recall Appointments:  Schedule your patient’s next appointment at the time you make the payment.  It could for be their 6-month check-up, perio-cleaning, or their root canal.  Whatever it may be, schedule it while they are in your office!  You’re both helping your patients achieve great oral health care and pleasing your boss, the dentist!

8)      Balance: Find your balance between nice and stern.  Don’t shrug it off if a patient refuses to pay, make sure they are aware of the policies!  If a patient is constantly late to appointments, be sure they know how it effects your practice, but do it in a way that doesn’t necessarily offend.

9)      Educate Clearly:  Explain procedures fully and completely, and if you need assistance, use our PatientEDU video sources to discuss why these procedures are necessary.  The more your patient understands, the less anxious your patient will be about their treatment.

10)  Look Presentable, always.  Too much makeup or low cut blouses will only distract your patients.  Keep your look simple.  However, avoid coming to work in sloppy clothing.  You are the first impression of the office, make it count!

We’d like our clients to weigh in with their advice.  Is there anything we missed?  Anything that drives you crazy when you see others do it? Give us your feedback!

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