EDI Technology Leader DentalXChange Expands Its Strategic Holdings; Acquires Longtime Partner ExtraDent

DentalXChange, a leader in dental payments and data connectivity, today announced the acquisition of long-time partner, ExtraDent. 

The new union builds on a decade-long alliance between the two firms whose goals and technologies complement one another making this an advantageous marriage for both companies and the clients they serve.  Additionally, DentalXChange’s solution portfolio expands with the addition of ExtraDent’s Virtual Assistants solution which assists front office team members with revenue cycle management tasks so patient focus can be the number one priority.

“Our company has a proven history of industry innovation and a long-term vision for what today’s dental stakeholders need and want,” explained Paul Kaiser, CEO of DentalXChange. “Clear, strategic transactions like this one keep us well-positioned to remain at the forefront of both innovation and efficiency for the patients, providers and payers we serve.”

Kaiser notes that the ExtraDent team brings a wealth of dental industry knowledge and experience to DentalXChange.

Clint Walker, President of ExtraDent said, “We are proud to be a part of the DentalXChange team, and have been since 2012. This new strategic structure benefits our dental clients and partners by increasing their access to the latest technology while maintaining the exceptional customer service for which both our companies are known. We look forward to this opportunity to expand our growth and success.”

2020 in Review with Scott Wellwood

It is a massive understatement to say that 2020 has presented us all with challenges, grief and stories of incredible courage the likes of which we have never seen.

Scott Wellwood, President of DentalXChange

Dental practices and those that run them are front-line heroes as are all of those dedicated to preserving and improving the health of our population.

DentalXChange recognizes our responsibility as a key link in the informational chain that enables these practices to remain productive and efficient by reducing and eliminating most of the paper processes involved.  By automating and securely transporting transactions and data, we are minimizing the need to touch and distribute these items manually.

We have also taken extraordinary steps and precautions in order to protect our own staff and their families as we have been able to enact remote work environments without sacrificing our industry leading customer support standards.

We are heartened by the release of multiple vaccines that show great promise in getting us back to a more normal life.  We greatly appreciate our customers, business partners and our wonderful Team here at DentalXChange and look forward to a safe and prosperous 2021.

Happy Holidays!

Scott Wellwood