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DentalXChange at ADA, San Francisco 2012

We left our hearts in San Francisco! Thank goodness the American Dental Association is having their 153rd Annual Session and World Marketplace Exhibition in the city by the bay.

The ADA Annual Session brings together leaders in dental practice, research, academia and industry to present more than 280 relevant and topical continuing education courses over four days. The World Marketplace Exhibition will feature more than 600 leading suppliers of dental products and services. And we are proud to be one of them!

Our innovative products and services have been designed to help dentists run their practice in a more efficient, cost effective way. We help dental practices cut down on paper, save time and most importantly, save money! Our services are so renowned that the California Dental Association has endorsed us for 3 straight years!

This year we will have two booths located close to each other:

DentalXChange will be located at booth 5510. We will feature a Blackjack table where our visitors will have the chance to win a bunch of great prizes, learn about our products and meet some of the best customer service representatives in the industry!

Visitors can also find out how much they can save by switching from paper to EDI. And in an effort to help the environment, we will plant a tree for any office that switches over to one of our award-winning EDI services.

DentistUSA will be located at booth 5409 and will feature a photo booth! Visitors will be able to dress up and take fun photos to commemorate their trip. We will also be handing out flashing pens, bracelets and lanyards! Come see why DentistUSA is one of the fastest growing dental communities on the web!

But wait, there is more!

Any visitor who takes a picture in front of one of our booths and posts the photo up on our DentalXChange facebook wall will be entered to win a gift card! It’s just as simple as that.

Our booths are a hit at every convention we attend, so come by and visit us! We love meeting our existing clients and making new friends!

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DentalXChange’s Plant A Tree Program To Help Reforestation of Colorado

On the morning of June 9, 2012, a lightning strike near Fort Collins, Colorado started what would become the most devastating fire in Colorado history. It was named the the High Park fire and it burned over 136 square miles during a 3 week period before it was 100% contained. The High Park fire became the most destructive fire in Colorado history. That was until, June 23, 2012 (yes, only two weeks later) when the Waldo Canyon fire started and surpassed the damage done by the High Park Fire. These wildfires ravaged Colorado and left over a 160 square miles of scorched earth.

10 years earlier, a similar fire burned over 138,000 acres. That fire, known as the Hayman fire, burned a lot of what is Pikes National forest and was out of control for close to a month before firefighters could contain the area. It too, left the Colorado countryside ravaged and burnt without any hope of relief.



Today, thanks to the US Forest Service and charities like the Arbor Day Foundation and Plant-It 2020, new life is starting to take root in Pike National Forest. It would have taken centuries for the burnt forest to grow back naturally and if it were not for the planting projects of these services we could have been without the forest for generations. We at DentalXChange recognize the worthiness of these organizations and the goals they are working towards.

In an effort to help, we have partnered with Plant-It 2020 who will be planting a tree in Colorado for every new client that signs up for one of our products or services, from April 2012 through the end of the year. We just made our first donation in honor of the practices that have signed with us during the 2nd quarter and hope it helps bring back these forests and helps the surrounding communities recover from this horrific ordeal.

If you signed up for one of our services during April, May or June of this year you will be receiving a certificate in the mail stating that DentalXChange has planted a tree in your honor. If you signed up with us during July or August, your certificate will be sent in the next couple of months. We thank you for your business and your commitment to your community and our planet.

If you have not signed up with DentalXChange or if you would like to help with our efforts please call! We will plant a tree in your honor for signing up for one of our award winning services. Call us at 1800-576-6412 ext. 467.

We would like to thank Plant-It 2020 for their help in protecting our environment and we hope our contribution can help return these forests to their natural beauty.

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Patient Education Resources You Can’t Ignore If You Want Patients to Say “YES” To Treatment

Millions of Americans do not visit the dentist for their six month checkups, and if they miss their preventative checkups, dentists are more likely to find problems that require follow up visits and a comprehensive treatment plan.

The likelihood that your staff went through the exact same training on dental care is low.  Because of this, your dental assistant may explain certain treatment plans differently than your dental hygienist would.  Unfortunately, relaying the benefits of a treatment plan is quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks of a dental professional.

When treatment information is explained ineffectively, you risk losing the trust and patronage of your patient.  It is imperative your patient understands the procedure your practice is suggesting so that they have the knowledge to say “YES” to dental treatments.

Procedures tend to be explained differently by members of your staff, so in order to minimize confusion we encourage dental practices to invest in a patient education solution.  As a matter of fact, only 10% of what you say is retained by the patient, so sending them home with information is key.

Not only will this help teach your patients about procedures, but, playing a dental education video on cosmetic procedures in the waiting room instead of playing the latest talk show may encourage patients to ask you later about what they saw in the waiting room.

We have two solutions for you.  One, you can use our web-based $9.95/month online patient education system to share videos on a variety of topics ranging from infant care to emergency dental care.  Our online solution is extremely fast and easy to use. As an integrated part of our existing PatientConnect solutions, it can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  You can even add links to videos on your website.

Our second solution is our full chair-side application.  This application comes with over 300 illustrations and animations with over 30 of the most popular dental movies that can be played in any sequence.

It is extremely important to give your patients the knowledge to say “YES” to your dental treatment suggestions, and there is no better way than to have consistent education and training.  Click here for more information.

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Jop Opening: We are hiring a PHP Developer

DentalXChange is hiring a PHP Developer in Irvine, CA!  If you’d like to join our dynamic, growing company, send your resume and cover letter to Hamidah Sonawalla at HR@DentalXChange.com.

Job Description:
We are looking for a PHP developer to join our project team. The individual must be highly collaborative and have ability that spans all areas of web application development and to be involved in all phases of the development lifecycle. The candidate will be responsible for new application development and improving an existing LAMP application to meet the changing needs of our business.

Position Responsibilities:
* Analyze, design, and develop systems and applications, working with the full software development lifecycle of new projects.
* Manage and troubleshoot application development and deployment of existing LAMP based applications.
* Consult with stakeholders, users and third-parties to gather information about needs, objectives, functions, features, and other requirements.
* Providing innovative solutions by researching technologies and software.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
* Demonstrated knowledge of application design principles, practices design patterns and software life cycles.
* Working knowledge of object-oriented design and development in PHP and PHP 5(OO).
* Working knowledge of MVC and PHP frameworks.

* Must be strong in Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and AJAX

* Working knowledge of SEO technologies.

* Working knowledge of SOAP web services.
* Thorough knowledge of project/task estimation and planning.
* Demonstrated ability to participate in all phases of application software development.
* Demonstrated ability to evaluate user needs or specifications and translate them in a logical and practical set of software components.

* 3+ years programming experience with PHP.
* 3+ years experience with HTML and CSS design.
* 2+ years experience with Ajax development.
* Experience in integrating with SOAP web services.
* Hands-on experience with HTML5 and CSS3 a plus.

Range: $60,000 – $70,000 Based upon Experience

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