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CDA Presents Anaheim 2014

cda-anaheimAh, the alluring, alliterative, ambiance of Anaheim! People from all over the world spend their well-deserved time off in this happiest of places, enjoying all the beauty Southern California has to offer. It’s no wonder the California Dental Association holds their semi annual event, CDA Presents there every year!

Lucky for us, we are just a short drive up the 5 Freeway! We attend the show every year and we are looking forward to next week, May 15-17 to show everyone attending why DentalXChange is the premier clearinghouse for the dental industry.

Our innovative products and services have been designed to help dentists run their practice in a more efficient, cost effective way. We help dental practices cut down on paper, save time and most importantly, save money! Our services are so renowned that the California Dental Association has endorsed us for 4 straight years!

This year we will have two booths to better serve all of the attendees. Our first booth will be located at #608, in the heart of the CDA Endorsed section. The second booth will be located at #346.

CDA Presents with Snapper

Both booths will feature some cool giveaways like Snapper plush dolls, phone chargers, and DentalXChange chap sticks. If you are a current client, come by, meet our staff and get a Snapper pin to show how much you love our services!

Visitors can also find out how much time and money they can save by switching from paper to EDI. And, when you sign up for one of our paid products, we’ll give you a $25 Starbucks gift card* to help enjoy all the time you’ll be saving using DentalXChange services!

So if you are coming to CDA Presents this year, download the CDA app, find our booths, stop by and say hi! We love to meet our current clients and of course, meet new friends!

*One gift card per office location. Account must stay active for 30 days without cancellation. DentalXChange will mail your gift card within 45 days of activation. 

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We Left Our Hearts At CDA San Francisco!

The CDA season is finally over and I can unequivocally say…

We had a blast!

We saw old friends, made new ones, met some colorful characters and introduced Snapper to the masses! And of course, presented people to the best EDI solutions in the dental industry!

Dr. Brown CDA SF 13

We talked with Elizabeth Jones, Director of Sales and Retention about her experience at CDA San Fran.

CDA San Francisco was excellent,” said Jones “I couldn’t count how many times I heard, ‘Oh DentalXChange, yes we use you.’ or ‘DentalXChange! We have claims and patient statements what else do you have?’ I feel that we have made a big impact in California and for sure in the Industry.”

CDA Lizzy Bass Jenny San Fran 13

Snapper was a huge hit. People came from all over the Moscone Convention Center to get one. “They thought he was the cutest thing ever.  This one dental assistant said she’s going to use him as an example for children to ‘open wide just like Snapper’ would,” said Jones about Snapper.

CDA Jenny Bass SAN Fran 13

Of course the best part of each CDA is continuing our relationships with our clients. “My favorite part of all conventions is visiting our partners and vendors. These are the people who help you grow,” Jones went on to say. “Our partnerships are priceless.”

We look forward to seeing everyone at the conventions we attend. Come by and say hi! We’ll introduce you to the best dental EDI products in the industry!

Here is a list of events we will be attending through the end of the year:

NADP- National Association of Dental Plans
Converge 2013
September 9 – 12, 2013
Las Vegas, NV

For more information, please visit:

NPAG- National Plan Automation Group
September 15 – 18, 2013
Hershey, PA

For more information, please visit:

ADA- American Dental Association
October 31 – November 3, 2013
New Orleans, LA

For more information, please visit:

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Dentist at risk of hearing loss?

Good for your teeth, bad for your ears?

For me, the worst part of going to the dentist has always been the dreaded drill. Oh, it has nothing to do with the pain-filled drilling of teeth but more so with the high pitched “scream” it emits as it’s working. Of course, once the drilling is done and the screaming has stopped, I still have the low, droll, hum echoing through my head.  I can only imagine how much worse it must be for the doctor who is drilling all day long.

I suppose that’s what East Tennessee State University student, Krisztina Busci Johnson, had in mind when she started a study that seeks to determine whether dental drills take a toll on dentists’ ears.  A study that has won her a National Hearing Conservation Association 2011/2012 research award.

Being a dental assistant for eight years herself, Johnson intends to measure and compare data on the hearing threshold of dentists drilling without hearing protection over a period of a working day. Daniel Zimmerman of the Dental Tribune writes, Johnson is currently seeking participants who will also receive a free clinical hearing evaluation during the process. If successful, she hopes to be able to persuade dentists to use better hearing protection and to widen the study by including dental assistants or hygienists. “Another possibility is that the data could persuade dental drill manufacturers to produce drills that are safer for the human ear,”  said Johnson

There have been some earlier studies that have gone into the possible correlation between hearing loss and dental drills but none that have been conclusive. But, Fred Michmershuizen of the Dental Tribune writes, “Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prescribes that any workers exposed to noise levels in excess of 85 decibels are at risk. The exposure to continuous high frequencies from a dental drill can degrade one’s hearing. According to the experts, dental professionals should use protective hearing devices. ”

Have you noticed any issues with your hearing after a long day of cavity drilling? Please post your comments below and let us know how drilling affects you.

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DentistUSA Marketing Efforts

Since the start of DentistUSA last year, we have been putting a lot of effort into promoting our website to the public. Our strategy was to start off in bigger markets to sustainably grow our consumer awareness and then branch out into smaller markets to increase our popularity.

Over the past 6 months, we have advertised on street billboards across major metropolitan areas as well as online with Google and had banner ads across the Internet. We have had articles on Dr. Bicuspid, OC Metro.com and other publications across the country. We’ve made a major push in our social media advertising with Facebook and Twitter by placing ads and offering monthly giveaways as well as starting a blog featuring our members’ practices, helpful tips for patients and news from around the dental world.

We are proud to announce that all these efforts have increased traffic to the site by over 300%!

The numbers we got blew away our original projections. We know that patients who use DentistUSA are enamored with the tools we offer and love how simple we make it to find a good dentist. So we want to get the word out:

A great dentist is a click away!

To achieve this, we will increase our advertising budget to reach a larger audience. We plan on using bus and poster advertising across most major cities, increasing our social media efforts as well as our online advertising.  We will also be looking to start print advertising in publications across the nation. We know the success of our online dental community lies with bringing more patients to our members and we plan on doing just that!

To those of you who have signed up for DentistUSA, we thank you for your patronage and hope you have found the benefits and value of this unique tool. We look forward to helping your practice grow through increased online visibility, leading to better profitability and marketability for your practice.

If you are not currently using DentistUSA we encourage you to sign up. DentistUSA has no initial fees and easy on-line registration. There are absolutely no hoops to jump through and we’ll even give you a free personalized website through our DDS WebStudio tool. People across the country are using DentistUSA and dentists are reaping the benefits!

If you would like to learn more about DentistUSA.com, please call 1800-576-6412 ext 455. Or click here to get started!

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Feature Tutorial: Click-to-Talk

Connecting with a dental office has never been easier.  Patients can use click to talk connectivity on DentistUSA.com to call your dental practice with a simple click of a button.  Patients simply open the profile of the dentist of their choice and click on “Click-to-Talk” to call your office.   All this is done without having to pick up their phone and dialing your number!  Here is a quick visual tutorial on how simple this process can be for your patients.

STEP ONE:  The patient finds your dental practice on DentistUSA.com by searching by their zip code or city and state.  They can also search by treatment using the drop-down if they’d like to.

STEP TWO:  The patient views your profile and after deciding they want visit your practice, they’ll select “Click-to-Talk” to call your office and set up an appointment.  (Of course, they can always dial the special number provided by us, but Click-to-Talk is proven to have higher conversion rates. ) This is great for your dental practice!

STEP THREE: The patient enters their phone number, word verification and immediately their phone rings.  Your office phone also rings, connecting you and your new patient!

Screen shot demonstrating click to talk

Click-to-Talk connectivity can easily help patients call your practice and quickly schedule an appointment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial on DentistUSA.  Not signed up?  Register with us for free, call DentalXChange now.  800-576-6412 x 467.

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June is Oral Health Month!

Oral Health Month

Hosted by Colgate and the Hispanic Dental Association, from now until June 30, this annual campaign will encourage the U.S. Hispanic community to join Colgate’s “fight for zero cavities” by educating families about the importance of proper oral care.

The Hispanic population has become the largest minority group in the United States, resulting in an increase in oral health care demands. In fact, minority populations bear a disproportionate burden of oral disease in the United States, according to a recent report by the U.S. Surgeon General. Current data indicates that Hispanics have less access to dental care and are half as likely to visit the dentist regularly – in fact, approximately 51% of Hispanic adults (aged 18-64) in the U.S. did not go to the dentist in 2009.

“Unfortunately, the growing rate of oral health disparities continues to have a major impact on Hispanics in the U.S.,”says Margo Melchor, RDH, MEd, President, Hispanic Dental Association. “The Hispanic Dental Association is dedicated to helping improve oral care among Hispanics and is proud to support Colgate’s Oral Health Month. This month, our HDA professional and student members will be reaching out to underserved Hispanic communities by providing free dental screenings and oral hygiene education to children via Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright FuturesTM program.”

Colgate’s flagship program Bright Smiles, Bright FuturesTM will also travel to under-served communities, in key markets throughout June to provide free oral health education, dental screenings, and treatment referrals to children 12 and under, as well as education for parents on how they can maintain their families’ oral health.

Check out the Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Van schedule for locations and dates. If you need to find a dentist who offers great pricing, check out DentistUSA.com.

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