CDA Endorses DentalXChange for 3rd Consecutive Year

DentalXChange (DXC) is proud to announce that the California Dental Association (CDA) has selected DentalXChange as an Endorsed Program for a third consecutive year.

“We’re particularly excited about entering our third year of CDA endorsement because it reflects the ongoing quality of the services we offer, as well as our extensive participation in the dental industry and the vision shared by our entire team,” said Scott Wellwood, president of DXC.

This endorsement enables CDA’s nearly 25,000 members to receive an immediate savings on DentalXChange’s innovative, easy-to-use electronic transaction services, including electronic claims, real-time eligibility, claim status and electronic remittance advice (ERA).

“As a CDA Endorsed Program for the past two years, DentalXChange has a strong track record of sharing its superior products and services, while remaining dedicated to providing a significant savings to our members.  In addition, DentalXChange maintains the capacity and ability to deliver exceptional customer service,” said Evet Dickinson, manager, CDA Endorsed Programs. “We are excited to once again have DentalXChange on our roster of CDA Endorsed Programs, all of whom deliver quality services and exclusive benefits to our members.”

With this renewed endorsement, CDA members will continue to benefit from savings on a variety of DentalXChange’s products, including ClaimConnect, an online application that provides immediate access to an online claims tracking tool that is capable of managing all claims transactions with custom reporting options.

ClaimConnect was designed to remove the barriers associated with conducting electronic transactions between dental offices and insurance companies, and is compatible with most dental software programs for online claim submission. In addition to batch upload claim services, providers who do not want to invest in electronic dental interchange (EDI) modules or dental software programs can conduct on-line transactions using a simple, intuitive browser-based interface.

The service offers providers the tools to improve the flow of registration, enrollment and billing processes, verify patient eligibility and process claims in near real-time. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), which is an electronic version of an Explanation of Benefits, can be viewed and printed, or imported into certain dental software programs. This provides a complement to Electronic Funds Transfer programs offered by many insurance companies.

“DentalXChange has been supporting California dental providers for more than two decades, and we’re proud to be able to continue to provide them with a discount on our valuable business services.  We look forward to continuing to help CDA members to improve office efficiencies while reducing paper usage, saving money and improving cash flow year in and year out,” noted Wellwood.

About DentalXChange

Since 1989, DentalXChange has earned industry-wide acclaim and recognition for pioneering the web-based dental EDI solutions industry. Today, it has grown to support a current client base of over 12,000 dental healthcare offices. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, DentalXChange accounts for more than $4 billion in dental claims annually. Through its own clearinghouse and secure web portals, the company processes nearly 20 million EDI transactions, consisting of more than 15 million dental claims annually.

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Cut Costs, Not Trees.

Everyone is going paperless. From banks to insurance companies to dental offices, the world is turning the page on paper and diving head first into the digital age.

In an effort to encourage practices to switch over to an Electronic Data Interchange format and do away with paper, CDA Endorsed Program DentalXChange will plant a tree in the name of each new practice that signs up for any EDI product.

The goal: Make practices run smoother and help the environment at the same time.

Making the switch to a paperless practice is not as hard as one may think. Using an EDI system can help make the process easy.

DentalXChange offers a myriad of EDI solutions and products designed to help practices realize the benefits of going paperless. Products like ClaimConnect, directly link practices to insurance companies, allowing claims to be filed online – no more printing claims, stuffing envelopes and licking stamps.

DentalXChange also offers NEA Fast Attach, letting practices digitally file x-rays with their electronic claims and Patient Statements, which allows statements to be sent via e-mail and provides patients the ability to view and pay their statement online.

All DentalXChange products are designed to save paper, time, money and are all environmentally friendly.

To receive a tree, practices should sign up for any of DentalXChange’s EDI products and use it for 90 days. After the 90-day period, we will send you a certificate stating DentalXChange has planted a tree in honor of the practice. This certificate will show patients and employees of the practice that it cares about the community, the environment and is interested in making a difference in the world.

To learn more about DentalXChange’s EDI products, please call 800.576.6412 or visit