DentistUSA Marketing Efforts

Since the start of DentistUSA last year, we have been putting a lot of effort into promoting our website to the public. Our strategy was to start off in bigger markets to sustainably grow our consumer awareness and then branch out into smaller markets to increase our popularity.

Over the past 6 months, we have advertised on street billboards across major metropolitan areas as well as online with Google and had banner ads across the Internet. We have had articles on Dr. Bicuspid, OC and other publications across the country. We’ve made a major push in our social media advertising with Facebook and Twitter by placing ads and offering monthly giveaways as well as starting a blog featuring our members’ practices, helpful tips for patients and news from around the dental world.

We are proud to announce that all these efforts have increased traffic to the site by over 300%!

The numbers we got blew away our original projections. We know that patients who use DentistUSA are enamored with the tools we offer and love how simple we make it to find a good dentist. So we want to get the word out:

A great dentist is a click away!

To achieve this, we will increase our advertising budget to reach a larger audience. We plan on using bus and poster advertising across most major cities, increasing our social media efforts as well as our online advertising.  We will also be looking to start print advertising in publications across the nation. We know the success of our online dental community lies with bringing more patients to our members and we plan on doing just that!

To those of you who have signed up for DentistUSA, we thank you for your patronage and hope you have found the benefits and value of this unique tool. We look forward to helping your practice grow through increased online visibility, leading to better profitability and marketability for your practice.

If you are not currently using DentistUSA we encourage you to sign up. DentistUSA has no initial fees and easy on-line registration. There are absolutely no hoops to jump through and we’ll even give you a free personalized website through our DDS WebStudio tool. People across the country are using DentistUSA and dentists are reaping the benefits!

If you would like to learn more about, please call 1800-576-6412 ext 455. Or click here to get started!

Negative Reviews: How do Dentists Feel About it?

We have been reading everywhere about how a contract stifling negative reviews has gone terribly wrong for a New York dental practice, and decided to ask our clients to weigh in.

A Manhattan dentist asked would-be patients to sign a contract before receiving services.  The “Mutual Agreement to Remain Privacy” form sought to prevent patients from criticizing the dentist on review sites, Internet blogs, or online forums.  Moreover, a copyright clause in the form assigned the dentist as the owner of any such comments so that she can have them removed in the event they appeared.

The patient alleges that he was required to pay the practice $4,800 up front to treat his sore tooth in 2010, and she would submit paperwork to his insurance for reimbursement.  Sounds pretty simple!  However, the patient says that the doctor’s office never submitted the claims to his insurance, nor would they provide him with necessary paperwork to submit the claims on their own (seems she didn’t use DentalXChange for electronic claims!).

This prompted the patient to take to Yelp! and other online websites and write a negative review about the doctor, which she saw as a breach of contract.  She subsequently tried to fine the patient for the negative remarks, to which he counter-sued.  In a twist of irony, the story has caught fire among media outlets and bloggers and tarnished the reputation of the dentist.  You can read more about this on

We’d like to know how you feel about reviews on online websites.   How do reviews affect your practice?  As a dentist, do you think they help you more or hurt you more?