DXC Halloween Pumpkins 2011

The DentalXChange team takes Halloween very seriously, and this year the teams really got creative with their Halloween Pumpkins.  Take a look at the photos of our pumpkins below, and leave a reply with your name and the pumpkin you’d like to vote for in the comments section, or visit our Facebook page to click “Like” on your favorite pumpkin.  🙂

The Joker Pumpkin
Gargoyle Pumpkin
Kermit the Frog Pumpkin
Stressed Out Pumpkin
Happy Meal Pumpkin
Angry Birds Pumpkin
The Finding Nemo Pumpkin
PacMan Pumpkin

The Robo-Pumpkin (view video below)

To vote for your favorite, simply leave a reply below with the pumpkin you’d like to vote for along with your name.  Thank you, and have a great Halloween!! [queue spooky Halloween music].

It’s Time to get Spooky! Halloween Contests & Fun

It’s that time of the year again.  Finally fall,  which means Halloween is right around the corner.  DentalXChange loves to celebrate Halloween in a big way every year, with cubicle/office decorating contests, potlucks and of course our pumpkin decorating contest.

We love getting creative here and last year there was no shortage of outrageous pumpkins.  Last October, teams were ultra-secretive with their pumpkin creations.  With the contest right around the corner, the office is abuzz on how this year’s pumpkins can top last year’s entrants!

Here are some of the pumpkins from last year’s contest:

This pumpkin wishes you'd wait until Thanksgiving!

Our judges loved how creative the staff got, especially with these quirky pumpkins.

The winning Pumpkin is demonstrating how a pie is made...?
The Cheshire catkin

This year, we’re going to post our decorated pumpkins to our Facebook page for our FANS to vote for their favorite pumpkins.  Are you ready??