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The two most important questions for a dental practice are “How do I provide the best care possible for the health of my patients?” and “How do I get paid for it?”. We know you have a handle on the first question; DentalXChange can help answer the second with PayConnect Merchant Services.

PayConnect offers the best rates in the dental industry, has great customer service and can save your practice hundreds of dollars a year. Our merchant services make payments easy and convenient for your patients by offering them a myriad of different ways to pay.

PayConnect Merchant Services Feature:

  • Accept more forms of patient payments by accepting credit cards, debit cards, checks and online payments.

  • Automated Recurring Transactions lets you set your patient up on a payment plan that will automatically draw payments from the patient’s account.

  • ACH check processing allows your practice to accept electronic checks. This service has lower rates than credit card processing and will help patients pay for your services faster.

  • Patient Credit Score Services provides you with a patient’s FICO score, identity information and other financial data needed to help your practice make objective ability-to-pay decisions and help you collect on services rendered.

  • Advanced Merchant Portal offers real time transaction reporting, reconciliation tools and analytical information regarding your practices transaction history and patterns.

Providing your patients with as many options as possible to pay for your services will not only get you paid faster, it will increase the satisfaction of your patients by simplifying how they pay for your impeccable talents. 

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Can DentalXChange Save You More Money? Yes!

Committed to serving the needs of dentists, patients and insurance companies, DentalXChange will empower your practice with the best online services in the dental industry. These innovations will help your practice run more efficiently and save you money. 

Here are some of the many ways we can help:

Get Paid Faster

Our easy to use claims and attachments services, along with our E-Patient Statements service will speed up your processing and help you get paid faster.

Easy Provider Credentialing

Complete your credentialing online with all our all-payer supported, single-source solution.

Superior Merchant Services

PayConnect offers the best rates in the industry and gives your patients a variety of ways to pay for your services.

Get more, pay less.

Get a comprehensive bundle of our services for a low monthly fee designed to save your practice even more money.

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